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allegiant tips Posted on 19-Nov-2020

Allegiant's Top Ten Holiday Travel Tips

Holidays can be a daunting process, and Allegiant has therefore assembled a list of the ten most useful tips for travelling. You will save yourself from needless stress and particularly money by following these tips!

Arrive early at the airport

Two hours before the planned departure, get to the airport and arrive at the gate no less than 45 minutes before departure. It's always better to arrive early than to rush at the last minute, and you can always look around the various shops and restaurants at the airport if you have time after the security check.

Pick smaller airports or alternatives.

Don't be misled into believing that the perfect deal is only available at the big airport. Allegiant operates from 100 smaller, or replacement, United States-wide airports to low-priced holiday destinations. Make sure you review all the airport offers and not skip fantastic offers while shopping for airfare.

Pack light

Never get hindered by overweight or expensive overweight charges in the counter. Try to pack small, see for size and weight restriction on the airline's website and calculate and weigh your luggage before you leave home. Skim through your bags by leaving needless toiletries at home, and slim down your baggage. Hotels may have a range of free toiletries, which can be used and discarded at your destination.

Save on luggage fees.

Save luggage fees by sharing luggage and consolidating your bags if you are flying with family or a group. Consider packaging two checked baggage pieces in place of four for a family of four. Try packing it in one checked suitcase instead of everyone taking their own carry-on items. Removing one or two bags could save you around $100 on a round trip.

Bring your own entertainment.

It's always good to be amused whether you fly with a kid or just by yourselves sometimes. Don't get trapped with excessive in-flight or Wi-Fi fees; note to fill your smart computer with movies, cards, books, etc. before you leave. It'll pay off on this long flight, and save your life if you face unforeseen delays.

Opt for Tripflex or travel insurance

The inevitable cannot ever be predicted. Don't make a move last-minute cost a lot to you. Various forms of passenger travel insurance and reimbursable airfare are affordable. Allegiant provides TripFlex to shield you from last-minute adjustments and cancellation fees for as little as $23 per person. Pay a little in advance to guarantee that a move would not lose a ton.

Be flexible

By being flexible with travel times, to be able to save money on your trip. The fare calendar of the allegiant airlines official site can help you choose the lowest rate.

Be informed

Make sure you're aware of what things you can or can't carry in your luggage to save time when going through airport screening. You can ask the TSA on Twitter on @AskTSA if you're not sure if an object is permissible. For more details, please search the TSA website.

Pre-book everything

Book tickets, stay in a hotel and rent a car together at Allegiant.com if you're travelling on holiday. Through allegiant airline reservations, you're going to save time and money!

Be flexible

Celebrate the holidays within your budget and on your terms. It will save you big if you fly less popular days such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you are very flexible and want more savings, you will save hundreds of dollars on airfares if you change your festivities to off-peak travel hours.