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Before accessing the goods and services offered by the corporation, it is necessary to follow an organisation's corporate policies. A clear and unambiguous corporate strategy suggests how a customer and a services provider work to minimise unnecessary and unintentional disparities. We recommend you comply with our Privacy Policy at Allegiantflyo, as one of the safest tour and travel portals. Your communication with us is valuable, and in accordance with user guidelines, you can access our website.

Through these regulations, you can also remember your responsibilities as a website user. The privacy policies should be studied and followed. You can stop using our website if you disagree with any of the following statements. It is assumed that you have our privacy policy if your agreement does not change.

What type of data do we collect?

Both types of data which are directly and indirectly relevant to our organisation are gathered. Your documentation and information will also be collected from our site when you search for tickets, bookings, or registration as a customer. This includes your name, your date of birth, the contact details, your mobile number or address, postal code etc.

How do we collect the data?

  • – Our website gathers future publicity details as you check a flight and post personal specifications.
  • – When the passenger enters details and data for completion of reservations from our website.
  • – Your contact and your personal information will also be stored as a website user.
  • – We use cookies and other methods for the automated capture from our website of the software and additional technological information.

Modification of privacy policy

Depending on the market, we periodically change data protection policies, which takes place without notice or warning. It would be best if you stayed up to date with our guidelines before visiting our website. We are not responsible for any error at your end. Consumers must be mindful that we assume that the customer complies with our policies if they have access to our website after the upgrade is made.

How do we use the data?

The information is used to improve programmes and to help you visit our website. For the purchase of the goods on our web site, personal details like card numbers will be used. Our directory contains information about your reservation, flight alerts or deals, or about any changes to our corporate agreements. At Allegiantflyo, we make sure that the data we receive does not cause you any troubles. The key aim is to give you better search results and tailored services.

Cookies policy

we use technology and methodology to gather information to allow tracking when visiting our websites, including "cookies," tags, web beacons or other related technologies. We use these innovations to make you an authenticated customer, to recall your web preferences, to offer enticing offers and to facilitate purchases, such as tour search and buy. We can add or merge this information with the information we have collected about you. This may include this information.

Safeguarding of data

The information we collect from you is processed on servers with minimal access. These personal information servers comply with the security and confidentiality laws and specifications. We promise that all consumer information is fully secure. We also know how vital this information is to you and appreciate your confidence in us. We also pledge that this information will not be released and that it will be kept as confidential as you wish.

Disclosure of data

To deliver your travel items such as seating, meals etc. in due time when you book your flight on our website, we must share your details with vendors, including the airlines. We also exchange the data with all law enforcement authorities that need the data to be prosecuted. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about Allegiantflyo's privacy policies. You can also call us directly on our telephone number or visit the official Allegiantflyo website to get in contact with us.

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