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A corporation must lay down the terms and conditions for cordial relationships with customers. As a well-known supplier of travel services, we at Allegiantflyo recommend these terms and conditions to our customers for better comprehension. The conditions of the website explain what you should do and what you must avoid doing while using our platform. If the user disagrees with any aspect of the terms and conditions of the website, the user must immediately stop using the website. If you use the website, though, the user is supposed to adhere to the terms of the site.

Compliance with Terms and Conditions

You must recognize the terms and conditions of use of the website before logging in or buying our services, in line with these Terms and Conditions. Your compliance with our terms and conditions show that you understand the inclusive policies of the company. You can not use our website if you do not agree with all of the terms. You must, however, explicitly show your agreement to the terms and conditions before you access the website.

Changes in Terms and Conditions:

Without warning our customers due to the competitive travel industry, we need to change conditions regularly. Ultimately, the consumer must keep themselves up to date with the terms and conditions because the organization is not responsible for updating the consumer of the improvements made. We hope that, before you visit our site when you buy our merchandise on our website, you read the revised words carefully.

Content usage:

None of the material presented on the site may be edited, overwritten, duplicated or modified. Anyone who uses the website is, however, authorized to use the content of the website only for reference purposes such as records, pictures, prices and other information. The information we gather on our website is used as a customer reference, and we keep our rights to our materials. If someone does not agree with the terms and conditions of this website, stringent action will be taken against the individual responsible.

Change and Cancellation policy:

If you are not able to cancel a trip in the timeframe specified before the scheduled flight departures, your credit will not be given. Your full fare plus costs will be forfeited for that section.

Basic guidelines

In case of discrepancies before departure, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and reimbursement through the original method of payment. In no circumstances are we liable for or responsible for any of:

  • – Every kind of disease, fractures, injuries and death.
  • – Travel delay or modification of plan due to any flight delay.
  • – Some variations in the airline services available.
  • – On its behalf, the airline agent, commits an error.

Third-party links

Several third-party links are only available for the benefit of the user. At all circumstances, we don't endorse the products and services and cannot be held accountable for them. Before consuming the third-party goods and services, consumers are obligated to read the terms and conditions of the third-party website.

Product price and payment

We want to remind you that, based on the demand and supply of the customers in the travel and tourism industry, we regulate the prices of our goods on our website. We also have the right to modify the prices of airlines according to their quality and availability. We are not responsible for reminding you of price changes; you may review the rates before you order the product.

You can get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about Allegiantflyo's terms and conditions. You can also call us directly on our telephone number or visit the official Allegiantflyo website to get in contact with us.

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